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rain is falling this halloween night with the promise of more showers tomorrow morning. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking this system on radar. >> sand yaw, what is the latest? >> carolyn and dan, on live doppler 7hd, the storm is now moving through the heart of the bay area. let's go to it. i'll show you where it is raining. it is losing a little steam, if you will. there were some downpours earlier, especially this the north bay. i will take you in closer here, and in the north bay, still some steady rain, but notice santa rosa is lightening up. we are seeing some rainfall right now and a brief downpour around the novato area, san
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rafael and heading out toward the central bay here from san francisco to san ramon, fremont and getting into the san jose area. the rain is not through with us just yet. live doppler 7hd will be tracking more showers for the morning commute. i will be back with the details coming right up. >> thanks very much. developing news, two children trick-or-treating in the rain were hit by a car in santa rosa. police say there were adults with the children who tried to stop them from entering a crosswalk and running into the path of a car. a four-year-old girl and a ten-year-old boy were hit. now, the good news here is they are expected to recover. the driver stopped at the scene on north dutton avenue and we are told is cooperating with police. new at 11:00, san francisco police just released new images of the arsonists caught in the act of torching a muni bus. the crowd of revelers turned violent after the world series victory in detroit.
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ama dates is live in san francisco. >> carolyn, the giants celebrations are officially over at civic center plaza, but work for police is not as they try to find people who set fire to a muni bus over the weekend in celebration. they warned that that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. >> we will identify you, prosecute you and you will pay for it. >> words from the police chief to those who torched this muni bus. they just released this video showing the two men who started the fire early monday morning at third and market street. you can see a man throwing a flammable object into the bus. police haven't released the audio, but they say witnesses can be heard. >> there is actually people telling him not to do that. you can hear them saying, dude, that's to the cool. don't do that. put it out. >> and then a second man adds more flames to the fire.
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police hope good citizens will help identify these two men. that's what happened after this picture of a man smashing the front window of the bus went viral. it helped lead police to gregory granis in san francisco. >> he was arrested not far from the location, taken into custody and has confessed to being in fact the person who broke out the window. >> the mayor says it will cost the city a million dollars to replace the bus which is why san francisco police say finding these arsonists is their top priority. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. now only on abc7 news, a man beaten by the mob on sunday as he tried to stop that bus vandalism we showed you received a special invitation to the giants' victory parade. he was attacked after trying to push people away from the bus. he suffered a broken nose and gashes on his face. you can see the marks.
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san francisco supervisor scott wiener heard about it and invited him to the vip section. despite his injuries, he said he would do it all over again. >> i am a product of the city. i am proud of everything it has given me. i wanted to give something back. nothing like this should happen. >> he says a friend pulled him from the mob, this guy he is hugging actually and saved him from more serious injuries. now to the giants' victory parade and celebration in front of city hall. hundreds of thousands of ecstatic fans filled the plaza to see the world series champions. of course after was the challenge of getting home. leslieleslie brinkley is live in the castro tonight. hi, leslie. >> hi. it may be raining on this parade known as halloween in
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the castro, but it was a beautiful day to be a giants fan in san francisco. it was a challenge to be a giants fan trying to get back home. this is the line for the vallejo ferry. it wound for blocks along the embarcadero. how long was the wait? >> really long. >> miles long. but it was all well worth it. >> the ferries were so congested some resorted to busing passengers. no one complained. even those in crowded bart stations. >> this is bart. this is what we do. we wait for it. >> we prepare for the crowd and we just go with it. >> it was actually better than 2010. >> in what way? >> shorter. easier to get on the bart train. >> nothing easy about the clean up. >> it's a mess, but well worth it. >> everything from confetti to cups to cans littered market street and civic center plaza. garbage to some.
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gold to others. >> i saw a lot of people collecting the confetti. i saw a guy on ebay willing to buy it for a lot of money. >> by night fall giants mania more -- morphed into halloween in the castro. and we have some new numbers for you from beaters just released at -- from bart just released at 10:00. they broke their all time ridership record. they actually had 553,016 riders on the train system throughout the day today. the previous record was set ironically two years ago when the giants again had a victory parade on november 3rd. a busy day in the city. it has been fairly subdued in the castro so far. but i can tell you in the last half hour we have been out here, things have been picking up. reporting live, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. today's giants victory celebration was just a spectacle of delirious joy in a city bursting with confetti
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and pride. this is how today's san francisco love story began. hundreds of thousands of fans packed on city streets with signs, costumes, crazy hair. many arrived before dawn waiting to shower affection on their hero. and their heros love them right back. >> this will bring you to tears. >> first there was the parade including the giants of the past and the newly minted stars. >> i wouldn't have missed this for the world. i am sick. sorry about that. >> this was a family day. on the street filled with kids playing hook key. and in the cars where proud players shared the moment with their children. orange confetti everywhere added to the perfect combination of halloween and sports spectacular. the massive 100-car parade down market street ended at city hall.
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>> they never say die. >> it all ended with an icon and an old city tradition. >> ♪ san francisco >> and the song that both giants players and fans hope will become a new city tradition. >> ♪ we are the champions ♪ my friend >> that's great. >> it really was memorable. >> so many wonderful sights and sounds. a little later on abc7 news sports director larry beil will be along with comments from the players on this amazing celebration. >> it truly was. a bay area county is being accused of breaking the rules by moving a woman out of her own home. >> abc7 news i team reporter dan noyes is here with an i-team investigation on this. >> not only did they move her out, they took out a mortgage on the house and wouldn't let her back in. and there is more. the surprising turn of events we uncovered in our investigation next. >> and super storm sandy and
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the trail of devastation left in her wake. the new state of emergency just declared in new york. stay with us.
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and you must live in the home. >> how come one bay area county moved a 92-year-old woman out and then took a reverse mortgage out on her home? >> dan noyes is here with the investigation. >> it is an issue more and more baby boomers issue as their parents age. a public guardian taking over a person's affairs and selling the home against the family's wishes. no matter what the circumstances, the county is supposed to follow the rules. we found one case where they did not. >> my aunt loved that house, loved being home. it gave her memories of her husband. >> she says her aunt, 92-year-old lily scalia would never want to move out of her
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house. she suffers dementia, but she and her husband planned to live out their last days here. sam died in 1995. >> my aunt would tell me that, your uncle said if anything should happen to him, live in this house. stay in this house. jo i that's a promise lil -- >> that's a promise lily could not keep. santa clara county took her aunt from her home and moved her to an assisted living tau silt. >> it started as a family quarrel. adult protection service came in. >> some members of the family didn't like that she and her father were living with lily after her husband died. the santa clara county public guardian's office and probate court investigated and determined that puma and her father, scalia's brother, were taking advantage of her by living in her home rent free, using her money and neglecting her medical needs. they are also accused of harassing the public guardian and scalia's health care providers. they deny it, but the two were evicted from the house and
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scalia was conserved by the county. >> our aim is to protect them from financial or physical abuse they may have been experiencing. >> the director of aging and adult services says the public guardian's office is the conservative for about 800 people. making financial and health care decisions for the conserve tees such as lily scalia. >> we want to make sure there is a comfortable lifestyle and that we can make the decisions for them that they are not able to make for themselves. >> one questionable decision the public guardian's office made was taking out a reverse mortgage to pay for her care. >> it is proper in your mind to take out a reverse mortgage when the person is not living in the home? >> my understanding is the require meant of a -- requirement of the reverse mortgage is the person needs to live in the home. >> she right. they say a person getting a reverse mortgage must live in the home. if the barrower is -- borrower
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is gone for more than 12 months the loan is due. >> we wouldn't want to violate hud regulations. >> the county got the reverse mortgage in 2010 and moved scalia in october of that year, and she hasn't been home since. when we visited in september, faded tags over the doorjambs indicated no one was inside for awhile. after hearing from the i team, hud is reviewing the case. >> she said i wanted to go home from day one. >> james is the court-appointed attorney. he said he objected to the reverse mortgage and doesn't believe the brother took advantage of her. even more important, a year ago a probate judge ordered talks to move lily back into her home. sullivan said he reached out, but the county didn't act. >> the county doesn't listen. the judge can't micromanage these people.
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the judge leaves it to the professional. >> if a person or an organization chooses to ignore the court order they could beheld in contempt and damage applied. >> he points out that someone would have to tell the judge an order isn't being followed before the court would act. no one told the court the scalia order was ignored. >> i think that is fantastic. >> after we started asking questions, the public guardian's office decided to move lily back into her home. sources say she should be back by thanksgiving. puma says she has heard it before. >> i am skeptical. when i see she is here at home, this then i will believe it. >> we'll stay on this story and tell you if the public guardian keeps its word and moves her back home. if hud finds a problem with the reverse mortgage it may come due and it could lead to her being forced out of her home through no fault of her own. the county is accused of isolating the clients they are
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forced to serve. a woman feels like she is in prison. that's tomorrow at 6:00. >> thanks. see you tomorrow. well, now to that super storm, sandy. it is dissipating on the east coast. but the storm has left so much deaf devastation behind. it killed 72 people and more than six million have no power tonight. the storm caused up to $20 billion in damage. in new york city people are fighting to get home. some subway service will be restored tomorrow after getting flooded out. the governor declared a transit state of emergency. all transit fares will be waived by friday. nightline is on the ground in new jersey with more on super storm sandy. that starts right after this broadcast at 11:35 tonight. on a much different scale, we are getting our share of wet weather now. >> we are indeed on this halloween night. sandhya patel is here now. >> the super storm sandy sure puts our rain in the bay area in perspective. as you look at live doppler 7hd right now, the front is coming through.
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the heart of the bay area at this hour has been steadily raining in the north basins this afternoon. it is still going even though it has moved out. novato, fairfax and out toward vallejo we are getting some moisture. as we take you to street level, south novato and boulevard, some steady rain and a little blip showing a moderate moisture. as we look toward the east bay oakland light showers heading toward walnut creek. clayton road, steady rainfall at this hour. on the peninsula, san francisco heading down toward the south bay, much lighter returns. we did see some brief downpours in some areas, and so far these are what the rainfall totals look like. in the far northern end of sonoma county, an inch of rain. san francisco, .07. .05 oakland. you can see it tapers off, ben low man and watsonville a few hundreds inches of rain. some of the trick-or-treaters ended up getting lucky, but
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not these guys. this is from windsor sent bimonthlily james goff to my twitter page. she said it was soaking rain, but it didn't stop these girls from enjoying their trick-or-treating plans. grab your umbrella as you head out the door. you will need them. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. here are the highlights. rainy night for halloween. showers will linger tomorrow morning. sunny and warmer for the weekend. this is the cold front that had quite a bit of moisture to work with. it was holding together pretty good. it is starting to weaken. it turns into showers in the morning and they will be widely scattered. here is computer animation. there is the front. the front starts to lose more steam, and so at 5:00 a.m., just looking at a few showers. east bay, south bay and toward santa cruz mountains really isolated bits of moisture for the 9:00, 10:00 hour.
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it winds down and we are look at sunshine. as we head into the weekend it will be much warmer. additional rainfall totals up to an additional half an inch in the north bay mountains. the peninsula, quarter to half an inch. you can see lesser amounts as you head toward the south bay. tomorrow morning the temperatures will be in the 50s. we will be on the cool side in some spots with that damp roadway we will be looking at. make sure you give yourself extra time. we will be seeing sunshine for thursday. for the monterey bay, the sun gets in there later in the day as a few isolated showers will continue. accu-weather seven-day forecast, dry for friday, warmer for the weekend. numbers in the low 80s on monday. low 70s coast side. warm, fall weather coming your way. we go to standard time on sunday morning. 2:00 a.m. set the clocks back an hour saturday night.
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>> love gaining the hour of sleep. >> so do i. i hear you. a group of bay area teenagers has a lot to sing about tonight. >> the big financial donations they earned while
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new at 11:00, concord students have a way to help their community. they went trick-or-treating for canned food. it is called scare the hunger away. they collected 10,000 pounds of food this year. >> in the east bay, rain didn't scare away the trick-or-treaters. hundreds flocked to one of the most popular halloween block parties in berkeley. year after year the decorations get more elaborate. they are also known for their expertly carved pumpkins. >> look at those cute faces. that is not quite as cute. some were scary. and some basketball on this halloween night. >> larry beil is here with the warriors. >> i am going to take off my mask now too. i don't want to frighten anybody. the warriors tip off the new season with a new center. his debut and the other new comer stole the show. sports is next.
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the center who was the centerpiece of last year's big deal made his golden state debut tonight. the warriors tipping off a new season in phoenix. darth vader at courtside. and let me say, welcome to the disney family oh dark lord. wasting no time getting in the score books his first basket as a warrior. harrison barnes to the hoop. the rookie finished with six points. he was limited to 18 minutes and scored 18 points. not timid about the basket. he is okay. warriors built a 17-point cushion. rush had 14 in the first half. the suns storm all the way back. the warriors with no d. beasley with the miss. 63-62 suns. they were up eight. the warriors come to life and
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he slams it home. 76 apiece. and then landry lead golden state with 17. you will like the game. curry missed a couple of free throws that would have iced it. that was after the buzzer anyway. warriors hold on 87-85. the home opener against memphis. earlier today cur rear received a contract extension. four years and 44 million. curry's average 17 points per game. the concern is about his troublesome ankle which has undergone a couple surgeries. they are banking on the ankle holding up. san francisco was a sea of orange as they came out to salute the giants. they came out to celebrate the second title in the past three years. romo, eye opening for those like scutero and just as much fun the second time around for veterans like tim lincecum. >> i am elated right now. this is incredible. it is such a special moment.
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it is so fun. i was pretty tired this morning, but i'm awake now. >> we did this together. it wasn't me. it was all of us. it was all of the city. together we are giants. that was the motto. joy we are all world series champ -- >> we are all world series champions wearing orange and black in san francisco. >> one of the best moments, john miller and dave fleming showing off their dance skills, gangam style. >> who knew they had these moves? and john miller, shake it don't break it, john. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> you go, larry. >> i can't do it like john. john is rocking it. >> good stuff. "night line" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm
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